Lifegroup Resources

Our Lifegroups are the heart of our church! Thank you for being involved, whether as a leader or group member! If you have questions or comments about these resources, or ideas you’d want to share with other Lifegroups, please let us know here.
  • Lifegroup Lessons - Weekly lessons connected to the current sermon series. Each week also includes upcoming event announcements at the end of each lesson.
  • Core Elements of Lifegroup  - A simple format if you want to adapt /personalize your Lifegroup gathering.
  • Icebreakers & Connection Activities for Lifegroup - Helpful questions and activities to connect with your group!
  • Kids & Youth at Lifegroup - Lifegroup is meant to bless everyone, our kids included. Whether you decide to include kids or do childcare, here’s some vision for embracing the next generation in our church family! 


  • What is Discipleship? - An overview about how and why we disciple, and what you can include in a discipleship get-together. 
  • Epicentre Core Values for Discipleship - This guide is best used over 8 weeks that you can do with a discipleship group (ideally a group of 2-4 people); explains what discipleship might look like, and how to live out our core values.