Meeting Options for Families with Young Kids

We know it's hard with young kids, particularly those with early bedtimes. Yet, continuing to be in community is absolutely vital, perhaps even more so in this season. Here are some creative ideas:
  •  Get into gender groups 2x/month and to either have men/women on different days or stagger it on the same night (ex: 5-6:30pm is women and 7-8:30pm is men). You can alternate at times so one group could meet in person while the other on zoom. 
  • Families with kids host Lifegroup for an easier bedtime routine at home. 
  • For families that bring their kids to Lifegroup, that night of the week the kids go to bed later than normal. 
  • Parents drive separately, with one parent leaving early while the other stays, and they switch off. 
  • Have an online Lifegroup that meets on a weekend morning, afternoon, or after kids are in bed.
  • If your Lifegroup doesn’t meet every week, consider doing outings / fun days that are kid-friendly: meeting at the park for a picnic, going to kid-friendly spaces, etc. 

Support Solo parents

Take special care of the single moms/dads, and those who have a traveling/working or an unbelieving spouse not in attendance. Make sure they don’t feel isolated by only addressing people as “couples," and be proactive to look for ways to support them not only at Lifegroup but during the week.