Vision and Mission

Radiant is the youth movement at Epicentre Church! We believe in Encountering God, Changing the World, and Making Disciples within in the context of youth from 6th - 12th grade. We are passionate about catalyzing the youth to live as empowered, grounded, and missional sons and daughters for this generation who know the voice of God and love their neighbors well. Come join us, you are welcome here!

Get Connected!

Youth Pastor Contact: or call (626) 585-1595 ex 722.

Lead a summer dgroup!

This summer, we are inviting our church family to lead summer discipleship groups (dgroups) for our youth! We believe each youth has the ability and calling to be radiant and shine in their campuses, friend group, families, and the world. We consider it a privilege to minister and intentionally walk with youth from Epicentre and beyond. If you are interested, sign up below!