Kids Ministry

Our Mission and Vision 

The Scripture says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)  The situation with COVID-19 pandemic is intensifying.  With all the news reports, events and school closures, our kids are exposed to a lot of fears and anxieties, uncertainties and unknowns, and even misinformation.  It is hard to know how they are processing all these information and emotions internally - some of them may not think too much of it; some may subconsciously internalize the fears and anxieties they sense around them; some may take on negative attitudes towards people or government officials etc.  Regardless of where our kids are at, we have a great opportunity here to train our kids in the way of the Lord and help them learn how to respond to life circumstances & crisis biblically.

Kingdom Kids Weekly

Every Monday during this COVID-19 season, we will be providing some resources for you to help you lead your kids. 

Jesus And Me Time (JAM Time)

Download our weekly Face Time devotional guide just for kids! Every week, we will provide a different one for your kids!
April 6 - April 12

Family Time Guide

We know that having family time can be joyful and hard at the same time. Download our weekly Family Time guide to help facilitate daily prayer and connection with your family.
April 6 - April 12

Weekly Activities

Kingdom Kids Home Church Live REsources

Every week, we will provide resources for your home church to use on Sundays during Home Church Live. We encourage you to lead this time with your kids and engage with their curriculum, so you and your kids can both be spiritually build up.

Other REsources

Want some other resources to lead your kids in this season? Below are some of our favorites!

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