About Lifegroups

Lifegroups are the place of building communities that transform lives through a passionate pursuit of Jesus, authentic community, and participation in God's mission for the earth. We have lifegroups that meet across the San Gabriel valley from Glendale to Azusa for every stage of life. Our life stages include youth, college, Young Adults, Adults & Families. Based on your life stage, we will connect you with similar people ready to walk together with you!
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Re-gathering Guidelines

The past few months of only digital meetings have been needed, but we know we are not meant to live life digital instead of in-person. Under the guidance of local and state officials, we have the follow guidelines for lifegroups that would like to meet in-person. 
1. The meeting(s) will be held outdoors.
2. Each person gathering is COVID-negative or symptom-free for 72 hours (without medication) and as far as they are aware has not been exposed to someone infected by COVID in the previous 14 days.
3. Each person will wear a face covering at all times during the meeting.
4. Each person will stay at least 6 feet away from each other (8 feet if singing or talking loudly).
5. Meeting size is determined by the ability to adhere to the guidelines, and how effective the size is to the purpose of the meeting. (eg if the meeting is too large and people can’t hear each other because they are too far away, then the number of people should be reduced)
6. Each person signs a liability waiver prior to gathering. This waiver is effective for all meetings of the same nature. Waivers are available here.
7. Every effort is made to creatively include those who do not feel comfortable to meet in-person.