This year, instead of a church-wide Easter Sunday service on March 31, we will have smaller relational gatherings to live out our values (ECM) and invite our friends and family to join us!
The tools below correspond with what we discuss on Sundays leading up to Easter. 

PRAYING for Your People

Oikos Prayer Maps & Lightning Prayers
More Resources Coming Soon!

4 Lifegroup Core Lessons

We encourage Lifegroups to use these lessons & supplement with ones on epicentre.org/lessons.

Easter FAQs

Stay tuned for more info, resources, and answers. Have a question you don't see below? Let us know here.
If I'm not in a Lifegroup, how do I join an Easter brunch?
We want everyone at Epicentre to participate in Easter brunches! If you aren't in a Lifegroup, sign up to join or host one here.

What are Easter Brunches?
In place a large Easter celebration service, Lifegroups (and new groups) will gather throughout our local cities and invite their friends to experience Jesus-centered community: food, fun, and God-stories! Easter Brunches are spaces to empower our church family to creatively partner with God and one another to live out our values (ECM), and share Jesus’ love.

What will Easter Brunch Gatherings look like?
Every gathering will look different! The 4 Core Lessons above are meant to give vision & direction, and each group can personalize their gathering to their guests and what they're sensing.

Where should we host our Easter brunch?
It’s up to your group/Lifegroup about where you will meet - some easy spaces are in homes, a home with a large backyard, or a park (if you choose a park, you may want to get a permit ahead of time).  We hope for good weather, but you may want a rainy-weather contingency plan if you plan to gather outside!