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Got questions? Check out the Brunch FAQ below!
In place a large Easter celebration service, Lifegroups (and new groups) will gather throughout our local cities and invite their friends to experience Jesus-centered community: food, fun, and God-stories! Easter Brunches are spaces to empower our church family to creatively partner with God and one another to live out our values (ECM), and share Jesus’ love.

4 Lifegroup Core Lessons

We encourage Lifegroups to use these lessons & supplement with others at epicentre.org/lessons.
Other Planning Templateshttps://epicentre.org/core-5-easter


Check out tools to help you share stories of what God's doing, praying for people, testimony sharing, and sharing the good news of knowing Jesus! 

Easter FAQs

Have a question? Let us know here or have your Leaders ask their coach or in the leader chat.

Do we need to do one big brunch if we have a lot of guests?
It’s totally up to you what makes sense for your group. If your group is getting big, feel free to do a few smaller groups.  For instance, if you’re expecting 40+ people, you are welcome to have 2 smaller groups of 15-20 at 2 different homes.

What do we need to include in our brunch?
We invite you to include food, fun, and telling stories of what God is doing in your lives!
  • Fun can include games, connect activities, playing music, etc. Be creative!
  • Testimony sharing: this can be telling stories of how God's impacted your life, as well as more creative expression (art, poetry, a song, etc.). Check out these testimony resources under "Sharing Your Story" to help you. Also, come to our Testimony & Gospel Sharing workshop on 3/17 at 12-1:30 PM to practice! (Also, you can choose whether to do the testimonies in one large group, or in small groups.)
  • Sharing the Good News: At some point during your brunch, we invite you to share what the Good News of following Jesus is. You can be creative on how you want to share it. You can see this guide with some basic concepts + ideas of how to share.

Do we need to do a Bible study and worship?
Some brunches will be more organic and less “churchy,” while for others you may want to do things you normally do at Lifegroup. You don't need to do Bible study or worship if that doesn't fit your group.

That being said, you are welcome to share about the Easter story or share a Bible story as part of their testimony. Here’s a summary of the Easter story.

If you want to do some kind of Discovery Bible study, consider breaking into smaller groups. You can see example DBS’s and steps here.

You don’t need to do worship. If you decide to, just be aware that worship songs may be unfamiliar to your guests. (One alternative is having a few Lifegroup members sing a worship song as a “performance” as opposed to everyone singing along.)

Does our Easter brunch need to be on a Sunday? What should the schedule look like? 
Nope, you can meet whenever your group decides. Some groups are meeting on Saturday March 30th because people already have family gatherings on Easter.

You can meet at anytime (morning, afternoon or evening). If you need it, here's an example schedule.

What do we do if we need financial help covering our costs? 
We encourage Lifegroups to pitch in to bring food and cover costs (and borrow things like chairs/tables from group members). Part of the reason for this is to build ownership of the brunch within Lifegroups. However, if your group is experiencing financial difficulties, please reach out to your coach.