Training Schools

Epicentre Training Schools exist to help Christians become followers of Jesus through growing in relationship with Him, in character, and in ministry skills. Each discipleship school provides a setting for those desiring to go deeper with Jesus to grow in the areas of personal knowledge of God, character, personal healing, Biblical foundations, and ministry practicals. We offer two different schools: Discipleship School (aka DSchool) which is a night/weekend school designed for those with more traditional work schedules, and our GoSchool, which is a 5 month day school followed by 6 months overseas. Both of these are designed to help you step into values that Epicentre is about and into the destiny God has called you into! 

Discipleship School (Dschool)

What to Expect 
  • Commitment to attend classes - You are allowed 3 absences total and the retreat is mandatory. Saturdays count as 2 absences. If you are unable to commit to this due to scheduling conflicts, we ask you wait until you have the time to be able to fully commit. 
  • Daily FaceTimes with God (devotional times)
  • Transformational community
  • Instructional teaching and hands-on learning from guest speakers and Epicentre staff
  • Church participation (service and community life)
  • Read and study the bible; Bible memorization
  • Outside readings
  • Evangelism opportunities
  • 1 to 2 Week short term outreach
  • Tuition: $1000 for singles. $1900 for couples (shared books). The cost of the outreach is not covered by tuition.
Application & Acceptance Process  
  1. Fill out the application form.
    The application from will consist of three parts. The first two portions are to be filled out by the applicant while the third form is to be filled out by someone that knows the applicant well.
    Applications available at the top of this page.
  2. Schedule an meeting.
    Once your full application is submitted, the DSchool staff will contact you to schedule a time to meet. The purpose of these meetings is to allow the staff a chance to get to know you better, ask any follow up questions they may have, and give you space to ask questions. It's an informal meeting so come as you are.
  3. Are you in?
    DSchool Staff will inform you shortly after the interview whether you have been accepted or not. Once you receive the acceptance email, reply to inform us if you have decided to do the DSchool.
  4. Submit a deposit.
    To complete your full acceptance process, an initial $300/person deposit is required to be paid a week before the first day of class.
    You can pay...
    • Online: designate your giving to "DSchool Fees."
    • Check: Payable to "Epicentre Church" with the Memo line: DSchool Fees - Your name
    • Cash: In a sealed envelope labeled "DSchool Fee - Your name"
    All tuition payments are not tax-deductible.
    (Please talk to us if you have any financial concerns or you've already missed the deadline.)


This day school is ideal for those who are in transition (recent college grads, job changes, etc.), need more structure, or have more availability in the day. It will consist of a five month classroom portion that will prepare students through teachings in the morning and part-time work in the afternoon/evenings. It will be followed by an optional 6-month overseas outreach with one of our long-term church plants in the nations. While GoSchool is not currently not taking new students, a new cohort will launch with enough interest.
When: Starting September 10, 2019, classes will run 4 days a week (Tues-Fri), 9:00am-12:30 pm, with the overseas outreach starting in February.  At the various locations, the students will continue in training and be able to be a part of establishing church planting movements in conjunction with long-term teams. Those who do not do the 6 month overseas portion will do a short-term trip in the Spring/Summer.
Tuition: $1900 for 5-month portion. This includes books, supplies/materials, school retreat, local outreach, and staffing costs. This DOES NOT include housing or food for the 5 months in the US, nor the costs for the 6 month overseas outreach. You will support raise for your outreach portion.
Weekly Rhythms: The school will be a combination of teaching, training, activation exercises, scripture studies, evangelism, peer discipleship groups, and reflection.
Retreat and Local Outreach: We will have an overnight retreat towards the beginning of the school, as well as a 3-4 day local outreach. These dates will be given once the school has been confirmed.
Housing: We are still in the process of determining whether a housing option will be available to students. Whether or not this is available, we encourage people to choose to live intentionally in community settings or roommate situations that will facilitate discipleship during the course of the school. We can provide guidelines for setting up discipleship houses. Prepare to budget approximately $400-$600/month for a shared room for the time you are in the States.
Work: Having a part-time job is required in order to attend the school. It is not merely helpful on a financial level to pay for the school and housing, but also to learn how to live out Kingdom principles in a marketplace setting. We recommend you find a job as early as possible. We generally would not want somebody to be a part-time student during these 5 months, but can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
Overseas Outreach: Students will be assigned to bases in partnership with long-term Antioch teams. We are still in the process of finalizing locations. While students will be invited to be in the discernment process, we invite people to come to the school with a “yes” heart and be willing to be placed wherever the leadership team may ask of them.