Dear Epicentre Family,

The Psalmist prayed in Psalm 90:12, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Some of us might have been counting the number of days we’ve been home; some might be guessing how many days before we can go back to work/school/”normal” life again. Whatever and however you are counting your “days,” we encourage you to seek God’s wisdom in counting, so you are not missing what He is saying to you and wants to do in you & your family these days.

Preparing For Our Next Season
In these 8 weeks of the “Safer At Home” order, we have seen lifegroups and home church groups thrive. God’s presence has strengthened our ability to be “family” for one another, as we’ve learned to lean in to one another, even as God leans into us. We’re living out Acts 2 community. But as California enters into Early Stage 2 of reopening today, our staff is asking some important questions about our future - What innovations from this season do we want to continue into the future? What things that we had to stop doing should we not start back up again? Is the Lord calling us into new things? It is clear that God has given us a big “reset button” and we want to steward this new opportunity with His wisdom and guidance.

In Governor Newsom’s reopening plan, churches are slated to open in Stage 3, which he indicated would happen in “months, not weeks”. Your thinking about what you (and your family) would be comfortable with when this eventual day arrives will be important for our planning. Please take two minutes to respond to our survey by clicking here. What we know for certain is that Home Church is here to stay for several more months, and we plan to make the most of it!

Home Church Live
This Sunday, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day with a powerful word from Eunice Hui. On May 17, we will have a special “Selah Service”. “Selah” is a Hebrew word used primarily in the Psalms that functions as a “breath mark” in music. It invites the readers to pause and to reflect. It is time that we all take a collective “breath”. Our staff team has been running hard and all of you have as well in navigating a new normal. We will guide our church into a reflective moment at this service, to lament what we’ve lost, to be stirred up to trust in God again, and to let the praise flow from full hearts. We encourage families with small children to take turns participating in the Selah Service, with one spouse focusing on the children while the other participates, and then switching roles.

Then on May 24, we will start a new sermon series, Jesus is My Best Friend, where we will explore what friendship with Jesus looks like and how to enter into it. As we are counting down our days to reopening, let’s dive deeper in our relationship with Jesus so we will come out of this season transformed by being in His presence as Moses was and ready to reveal Him to people around us.

Epicentre Acts
We have been serving in the city of Pasadena for the past several weeks, and God is expanding our borders even as our hearts are being expanded. So, this week we have launched Epicentre ACTS as an organizing structure to help us live out the Acts 2 vision even more. We have new initiatives to honor frontline people, to bless the homeless and more to come. Visit for more details and talk with your lifegroup/home church family about being the church together in our neighborhoods.

We have a number of new LifeU classes that are starting this month, including Hearing God’s Voice, and God-Designed: Exploring God’s Destiny For You. You can find details about these classes, Meet-Up groups and other ways to get equipped, and get engaged with others in the Epicentre family at
We feel so honored to count you all as family. We can’t imagine doing this journey with anyone else. Know that we love you and are praying for you, and long for the day when we can all be together again.

Pastors Janet and Fiona
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