Lifegroup Reflection Before Summer

Family Time (15 mins)
  • Vision: Invite someone to share your Lifegroup’s vision.
  • Connect question: Did anything resonate with you from Josh Patingo’s sermon about forgiveness?
  • Announcements (see below)

Worship (10 minutes)
Today we are looking back on God’s goodness and our own personal growth. These songs help us center on and thank Him.
Looking Back & Celebrating God’s Goodness
Leader can summarize/read this section. Depending on the size of your group, consider staying as one big group or breaking into smaller groups that can summarize back to the larger group.

As many Lifegroups take a break for the summer, it’s helpful to look back and reflect on how we’ve grown and how God has worked in our Lifegroup community. ✨These questions are meant to help  you celebrate as well as think towards the future.

Today, let’s focus on this past season as a Lifegroup (since January 2024). A few memory joggers: Selah gatherings on New Year’s Eve, practicing outreach skills (prayer maps, sharing testimonies, 3 Circles), and Easter brunches in March. Our sermon series were Understanding this Time (Jan), Family on Mission (Jan-Mar), and Love One Another (April-May). Also, think about any significant happenings personally for your Lifegroup (major life changes, LG retreats, prayer breakthroughs, etc.)

Let’s all take time on our own for about 5 minutes, looking at the 3 categories below, then we’ll share in groups. 
  • Highlights: What are highlights or things to celebrate for you personally and as a Lifegroup?
  • Growth: How have you personally grown this past year? How have you seen other members of Lifegroup grow?
  • God’s Goodness: How have you seen God show up in your life or others in Lifegroup? 

Looking Forward: Discerning what to do this summer
Many Lifegroups take a break for part of the summer as folks may go out of town or to take a break. Others do modified gatherings or change up the routine: this could look like doing discipleship groups, topical gatherings, or gathering with another Lifegroup. Also, just a heads up, there will also be a 6-week summer bible group meeting during July & August (intergenerational) - more details coming soon! Regardless of what you do, it’s good to ask God for wisdom and guidance.

Take a few minutes to listen personally asking God these questions, then share in groups:
  • God, what are you inviting me into in the next couple of months? (word or phrase, actions)
  • God, what vision or direction do you want to give our Lifegroup?

Like before, either stay as one big group or break into smaller groups that can summarize back to the larger group.

Next steps: After folks share, make some plans. What are the next steps if we want to change things up or do new things this summer? Invite people to sign up in specific ways or team up to make things happen - and write it down and when you want it to happen.

Pray for each other:
Listen for a word of encouragement from God and pray for one another. Thank God for something you heard tonight that encouraged you.

  • Asia Prayer Trip Sharing (May 26, 12-1:30 pm) Lor-shing Hsu & Fiona Tong will share about their recent prayer trip to Taiwan and S. Korea, and give you a glimpse of God's heart for East Asia! Right after service in the Marshall library.
  • Freedom Day (Saturday, July 27, 9am-4:30 pm) Save the date for this one-day transformational gathering. Through teachings and times to practice, you will be empowered to remove those things from your life that might be hindering you from having a deep relationship with God. We believe that through Jesus’ death & resurrection, He desires for us to be set free from pain, brokenness and lies through receiving Jesus’s transformational healing in our hearts!
  • Chosen Screenings (Saturday June 1 & June 8) - Calling all Chosen fans! Join us for a special-access screening of The Chosen Season 4 at the church office as we follow the stories of Jesus and his disciples. Saturday June 1 (3-5:30 pm), we will watch Episodes 1 & 2. On Saturday, June 8 (6:30-8:30 pm), we will watch Episodes 3 & 4.
  • Dschool Info Meeting (May 26 after service, May 28 on Zoom) Dschool is our 9-month program for folks to grow in their relationship with God and be in a like-minded community to follow Jesus together. Interest in learning more and whether you might want to join? Join us at one of these 2 gatherings.

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