Epicentre was established with the vision to be a reproducing, church-planting church. We believe in the call for all disciples to reach out with the gospel locally and globally and that the local church can equip, send and support teams.


Interested in being involved in the nations and want to know what opportunities there are here at Epicentre? Here is a quick list of different opportunities available.

International Team Prayer

Every 4th Sunday - 9:00 AM in the Choir Room - Paused during COVID-19

Come join us in praying for the nations every 4th Sunday at 9 am at Marshall Fundamental School’s Choir Room. We will be interceding for our international staff members, team needs and different countries. Come pray then attend Epicentre’s 2nd Worship Service at 11 am.

Impact Trips


Impact trips are short-term trips where we make an impact in assisting the long term teams. It’s also an opportunity for us to be impacted by the experience as well. Various trips are offered throughout the year. Trips can be:
  • Age Group specific: Throughout the year, there may be impact trips that are specifically for one age group (youth, young adults, families, etc). This provides opportunity to go on trips with people in your general life stage. Check with your pastors or lifegroup leaders to see if any trips are planned for this year. 
  • “Engage the...” Impact Trips: There are opportunities to send impact teams to different Antioch bases in the nations.



DSchool is Epicentre’s 5 month training school that occurs twice a year. An interactive classroom setting with teachings, applications, and monthly local outreach opportunities. The class includes a 1-2 week outreach (local/international). Learn more and apply here.
  • Spring - Sunday afternoon classes with one full Saturday class per month.Starts mid February and ends early July
  • Fall - Tuesday night classes with one full Saturday class per month.Starts mid August and ends early January



GoSchool is Epicentre’s 5 month day school that provides a more intensive day-to-day equipping opportunity. Classes take place in the mornings from Tuesday to Friday. Students then have the option to go on a 6 month overseas experience with an Antioch/Epicentre long term team. It’s a great opportunity to get a real good taste of what life overseas is like, especially for those who have a heart to go long term.  Learn more here


3 Month Internships

Every summer, the Antioch Movement has multiple bases in the nations. This will be a 3 month internship in the summer where you can join a base team and experience church planting, anti-trafficking work, and more. Learn more here

SErve: Project

11 Months

The SERVE: Project is an internship opportunity to spend 11 months as part of an international church-planting team. It’s a great opportunity for you to experience life overseas and determine if long-term church planting is right for you. 

Tent Maker

With the changing climate of doors being open to professionals, if you are going to the nations in your line of profession and want to bring Antioch/Epicentre DNA with you, we offer the option of receiving Ministry Covering. Learn more here.

Church planter


If you are ready to go long term, you can apply to become a church planter. Whether it be a stateside or overseas, we would love to walk with you through the process. You can either join an existing Antioch team or become a team leader/member and launch a new team. Learn more here.
After you finish up your first term, you can discern whether you remain in that same location, return home or relocate to another location.  

Other Opportunies

Global Support Team & Relational Care Givers

Our Global Support Teams and Relational Care Givers are stateside based serve team members that support our international teams. If you are interested in learning more or joining, please contact Rachel at rachel@epicentrechurch.org.

Got Questions about International Ministries? Contact us!