We can create a mental “treasure trove” of God stories (big and small moments) we can look back on to remember God’s faithfulness and love for us.

Ideas from Names of God -  There are dozens of “names of God” in the Bible which define his characteristics. Either lead your group to come up with some names or attributes of God, or share these with them.
  • God my Protector/Deliverer (Psalm 91) 
  • God of Hope (Romans 15:13) 
  • God as Healer (Exodus 15:26) 
  • God as Provider (Genesis 22:14)  
  • God as Peace (Judges 6:23-24)
Individually (5 min): Ask the Lord to bring to mind a story when He’s moved in your life. You can pick 1 theme mentioned, or choose your own.
  • When did this story happen, and what was going on for you?
  • How did you see God show up? Which of his characteristics did you experience?

Practicing Sharing STories

Even though it’s YOUR story, practicing helps it flow naturally when the right moment comes! Try practicing sharing with friends, and give each other friendly and affirming feedback. :)

You may want to imagine a conversation where this comes up, like with co-workers, friends, family, who don't know Jesus. They might share a difficulty they’re going through, and you empathetically respond with guidance from the Holy Spirit. Here’s an example (feel free to say it in your own way):
  • Your friend shares a difficulty.
  • You respond, “Wow, that sounds really difficult, and I’m sure that it could feel ____. Could I share a story of when I felt something similar?”
  • If they say yes, share your story. Ask, “Does that resonate with you at all?”
  • If they seem open, ask, “Could I pray with you and what you’re going through?”