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At Epicentre we are committed to see the good news of Jesus - His life, death, resurrection from the dead and invitation to all to eternal life - reach every corner of the earth. To do that we are engaged both locally and globally in sharing the good news and equipping God's people to fulfill Jesus' commission to make followers of every nation. Your tithes and offerings are part of what makes this go forward. Click on one of the links below to give! Note that automatic withdrawal from a bank account is preferred, as credit card companies take a percentage of all credit card transactions.

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A Letter from Pastor John

John Lo.jpg

Dear Epicentre,

2017 was a solid year of growth and outreach for Epicentre this year, where we

  • Presented the Gospel of Hope to more than 1,000 people on Easter Sunday;
  • Seen our youth group explode with new growth and influence in the region;
  • Increased our community involvement in Pasadena by increasing our outreach in Marshall Fundamental Secondary School, as well as supporting various groups focused on housing for homeless families, fostering and adoption, and education; 
  • Sent nearly 60 people to Houston in post-Hurricane Harvey flood efforts where we cleaned houses, led people to Christ and saw people healed;
  • Have continued to fully fund Chris Rattay, our urban church planter in Lincoln Heights, as he’s continued to grow our daughter church, as well as mentor the daughter churches they’ve planted in East LA and Taxco, Mexico.


  • We sent short-term teams to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Asia and Europe, where we continue to see salvations, baptism and the growing of the church.
  • Church planting teams in the Middle East and Asia added team members from Epicentre.
  • Our team is Malawi is reaching out more effectively to the Muslims in their area.
  • Our team in Iraq is readying themselves to extend their efforts into Mosul.

Thank you for considering this gift of generosity towards Epicentre and growing God’s work!


John Lo
Lead Pastor Epicentre Church Pasadena