Lifegroup Lessons

Found Week 4

Family Time (15 mins)
  • Vision: Invite someone in your Lifegroup to share what your Lifegroup’s vision means to them.
  • Connection Activity: Who is one everyday person (non-famous) in your life that inspires you? Why?
  • Announcements (see bottom of this doc)
  • Check-Ins: life updates, praise reports, etc.

Worship (-15 mins)
Bible Study (30 mins)— Acts 2:1-47
If we want to see Biblical things happen, we need to live Biblically. This week we’ll dive into Acts 2. As we look at Acts 2:1-47, take note on how these disciples are living and praying.
  • Split your group into 3 or 4 smaller groups (depending on how many people you have).
  • Have each group read through Acts 2:1-47 in their small groups but each group will focus on different things.
    • Have Group 1 focus and discuss the characteristics of God that are highlighted in the passage.
    • Have Group 2 focus and discuss how the disciples are choosing to respond.
    • Have Group 3 focus and discuss what we can learn about prayer and being together in prayer.
Discussion Questions:
Have each group share their findings with the larger group. After each group shares, discuss the following:
  1. What do you see in the early church that you desire to see in our church/lifegroup?
  2. How can the vision of the early church translate into our current culture and era?
  3. Where do you feel challenged in your own walk with the Lord?

Looking Forward
Go back into your small groups and have each small group pray/intercede using the things they discussed. We want to be a people who choose to pray in our everyday situations of  life, and depend on God to move.  

  • World Mandate LA (Nov. 11) We're excited for our 2nd World Mandate LA, hosted at the same place as last year in East LA! It’s going to be an amazing time to connect with our 6 Antioch churches in Southern California, be envisioned for what God’s doing in the nations, and worship Jesus together! Learn more & register at

  • Membership Meeting (Oct. 15): This year's annual membership meeting will be on Sunday, October 15th right after service. We will highlight the past year, share our plans for the coming year and vote on the 2024 budget. Everyone (not just members) are welcome to join, and members will vote at the end.

  • Newcomer Connect (Oct. 29): Have you come to Epicentre sometime this year or are trying to figure out your role in our church? You are invited to Newcomer Connect to hear more about who we are, ways you can get involved, and meet others in our church community!

To learn more about all of these events, head to!