FOUND - Bible Prompts

Bible Prompts from  the book of Acts  

Let's let the book of Acts teach us about what God was doing then, and what he wants to do in us! 
  • Each week, ask yourself the questions below as you read. Start journaling your reflections, whether on paper or digitally. 
  • Invite other friends or those in your Lifegroup to share what you are learning throughout the week.


  1. What does this teach me about the character of God?
  2. What do I learn about the responses to God by humans?
  3. What are the vision, values and practices of the church?
  4. What is the relationship between difficulties, suffering and the growth of God’s kingdom?
Reading Plan:
  • Week 1: Acts 1-3
  • Week 2: Acts 4-6
  • Week 3: Acts 7-9
  • Week 4: Acts 9-11
  • Week 5: Acts 12-14
  • Week 6: Acts 15-17
  • Week 7: Acts 18-20  
  • Week 8: Acts 21-23
  • Week 9: Acts 24-28 
You can also print out the pdf version of this here.