Discipleship Guides 

Week 4: Hearing God’s Voice

  • Vision: this is a space for us to encounter God together, help each other follow Jesus,  and invite others to do the same. 
  • Check in: How have you been doing this week? Where have you seen God move? What’s been challenging? 
  • Following Jesus & inviting others:  How has God's Word been impacting you? How are you letting God work through you to draw others closer to him?

  • Discovery Bible Study: John 10:1-18
    • Have members summarize or retell the story in their own words. 
    • What stands out to me from this passage?
    • What do I learn about God?
    • What do I learn about people or myself?
    • What might God want to say to me through this passage?
    • What would it look like to put this into practice this week? Is God asking me to do something as a result of this passage?

Practice & Application:
  • In today's passage, we see that the sheep know the Shepherd's voice. God desires to speak to us and for us, as his sheep, to know his voice. Hearing God’s voice is a skill that can be learned. Luke 8:11-15 teaches us that it’s the condition of our hearts and our willingness to hold onto what God says to us that will determine how fruitful this is.  
  • Guidelines:  What do we mean by God’s “voice?”
    • Can be an audible voice, something we hear with our ears, but not necessarily
    • God’s voice can be:
      • A verse or reference that comes to mind
      • A spontaneous thought/insight that doesn’t originate from our own intellect, but is perceived by our heart
      • A picture we see in our mind’s eye
      • A supernatural peace
      • Something that a person says that when you hear, resonates with your inner being, “the word of the Lord”
      • A dream (sleeping) or vision (awake)
  • Prayer: Let's take time now to talk with God. Try to make the environment quiet and undistracted. You could possibly play some soft music, turn down the lights, and/or ask people to find a comfortable spot. If you’re out in public (like a coffee shop or restaurant), ask Holy Spirit to help you focus and not get distracted. Ask people to write notes on their journals or phones on what they hear.
    • Have people ask God of these questions: “God, what do you think of me?” and “God, what do you want to say to me today?”
  • Debrief: Share with one another what you heard.
  • What if I’m not sure if it’s God or just my own thoughts I’m hearing?
    • Is what you heard or saw during your time something that is consistent with Scripture? In other words, can you imagine God saying that to someone He deeply loves?
    • Does it build you up? Jesus compares himself with a thief—who only comes to steal, kill, destroy. Therefore if it’s from God, it should be something that brings you life and encouragement.
    • Sometimes, what you need to hear is also what God wants to say to you. If it’s a word that you needed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you just made it up and told it to yourself!
  • Pray Again: Pray for one another in the areas God is speaking. 
  • Commissioning: How can I practice hearing God’s voice this week?

*If someone is having a hard time hearing, remind them this is a journey that takes time and practice. Being part of community gives us a space to practice, and others can hear from the Lord for us if we’re having a difficult time. If you need further help in hearing from God, reach out to those who are discipling you, or Epicentre staff.
Photo by Edwin Andrade.