Daily Examen is a simple way to tune into God’s heart and grow in discernment as you end your day and process your life with Him! This practice was created by Ignatius of Loyola in the sixteenth century to tune into God’s presence.”

Daily Examen is a way of inviting God to “search us and know us” as David did in Psalm 139. One way to help you focus is to do this in a journal. Check out the steps below or follow along in these Daily Examen videos with Pastor Fiona!
  1. Settle: Let’s take 1 minute of silence to quiet down and become aware of God’s presence.
  2. Ask God for light: As a silent prayer, ask God for light and awareness as you reflect and notice His presence during the day. (1 minute)
  3. Review & give thanks: Review your day and ask God to show you where He was present with you. Give thanks for those moments. (2 minutes)
  4. Ask for Forgiveness & healing: Ask, “Holy Spirit, during this day, where have I moved away from your presence or your purposes for me?” (Where you didn’t experience faith, hope, and love.) Ask for his forgiveness and healing and for the Spirit to show you what pulled you away from Him. (2 minutes)
  5. Look ahead: Think ahead to tomorrow and ask for God’s help: (3 min)
    • In a situation where you may feel challenged or anxious. 
    • To choose his presence in the busyness. 
    • Close by thanking God for being with you today.