WANT TO Join A Home Church?

As a team, we are seeking what the Lord is saying, as well as listening to what our government is advising. As of March 13, the State of California had advised that gatherings greater than 250 be canceled. In order to honor our civil authorities, as the Bible teaches us, and being prudent, our leadership team decided that we will cancel our Sunday services at Marshall Fundamental School starting Sunday, March 15, and at least through the end of the month. We will re-evaluate the situation weekly and resume corporate gatherings when the time is right. If you did not hear Pastor Josh's message introducing Home Church, you'll find it to the left.

What is Home Church?

Home Church is a small gathering of people on Sunday mornings to worship God, fellowship, pray together, study God’s Word, and be salt and light in their neighborhood. It is a reflection of the Acts 2:42-47 community. Given where things are at with the coronavirus, these groups will start virtually until it becomes safe to meet in person.

Why gather during this time?

In moments of uncertainty and fear, we all need places of genuine community to lean in on each other as we navigate challenges together. Meeting virtually for church allows us to continue to encounter God and support each other in a time when we really need it! We also believe Home Church can be like lighthouses all across this region to both lead people closer to Jesus and to help meet practical needs in our immediate community and the neighborhoods around us.

When will home church meet?

Epicentre Home Churches will generally meet at 10 AM on Sunday mornings, however some Home Churches may choose to meet at a different time that might work better for members. We also hope that Home Churches will be able to meet mid-week to continue cultivating deeper intimacy and supporting each other during this unique season.

What will we do during Home Church?

Our Epicentre Production Team will be pre-recording content and developing material to guide our gatherings and worship times together. Virtual gatherings will happen over the Zoom Platform, which will allow us to see and hear each other, and even to share our screens so that we can be looking at the same content together.

Who will I be in Home Church with?

You will be gathered with others from the same general region/neighborhood. We believe this will help us to best meet each other’s needs and even the needs of the community around us. By being close geographically, we are able to share resources, help each other out as needed, and be present to the needs of our neighborhoods.

I’m in a lifegroup already. Do I need to be a part of a Home Church?

Check in with your lifegroup leader, as certain lifegroups may be reimagining what church looks like in this season in order to make more space for others to have a home.

Can my kids participate?

Yes! Kids are welcome and we will be developing resources to engage kids in particular. We are also working on developing other ideas to engage kids during this time, especially while schools are closed.

How can I help?

The primary help at the moment is by joining a team to facilitate a Home Church. As we gather virtually, having smaller groups will be more conducive to participation and mutual encouragement. So we are hoping to launch a number of Home Churches. If you are willing to help facilitate a Home Church, we would love to pair you up with a seasoned leader and equip you to do so.

What if I have questions?

You can send your questions to communications@epicentrechurch.org.

How Can I Join A Home Church?