Care & Inner Healing Ministries

Epicentre Church believes that God is our healer! Our Heavenly Father delights to restore us spiritually, emotionally and physically. He alone heals our hurts and is willing to touch our deepest pain if we invite Him in and let Him heal us. We also recognize that oftentimes emotional hurts may be at the root of physical infirmities we face. Our hope is to see the body of Christ healed, whole and empowered to walk in freedom!
We offer a variety of opportunities to receive Inner Healing, with more info below!


LifeU: Cleansing Stream

Offered Spring and Fall

The Cleansing Stream Seminar is a 6-week discipleship class that enables you to receive healing and deliverance from issues that have limited you from stepping into God’s fullness for your life. 2 Hour classes will be held weekly and include a teaching and small group time. Included is an all-day retreat where you will receive additional teaching and personal ministry.
This unique combination of revelation (teachings and resources), relationship (small groups) and restoration (at the retreat) brings amazing results — changed lives!

Stephen Ministry

Offered Year Round

Our Stephen Ministers are lay leaders from Epicentre who’ve received hours of specialized training in Christian caregiving. These Ministers provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to people experiencing a crisis or simply going through a difficult time, such as loss of a job, divorce, death of a loved one, health issues or perhaps a significant life transition. Stephen Ministers listen, encourage, pray, and provide emotional and spiritual support in a one hour, one-to-one weekly caring relationship (virtually during COVID-19) for as long as the person’s need persists.

Restoring the Foundations (RTF)

Offered Year Round

This ministry is a powerful tool the Lord is using to bring His people into greater places of freedom and inner healing. RTF uses a Scripture-based approach to inner healing as we minister into four areas of our lives that have been opened to the enemy's oppression (sins of our ancestors, the resulting lies/ungodly beliefs, wounding we have experienced, and demonic oppression occurring as a result of those four areas in our lives being open to the enemy).
You will fill out an application detailing one area you want to focus on. Following, we'll arrange a prayer session with two trained ministers for 3-4 hours, who will pray with you to bring God’s restoration and breakthrough. If you’re interested, please sign up below.

Serve opportunities

Stephen Ministry Training Cohort: Spring 2021

Starting April 2021

Do you find yourself being there for people going through challenges or trials? Do you desire tools and guidance on how to care for others through the lense of faith? If so, we invite you to consider joining Stephen’s Ministry! This is a training program for how to be present for people in their time of challenge or need, and practical skills in how to be empathetic, Spirit-led listeners.

Our spring 2021 cohort will include three months of bi-monthly training, followed by three months on the Epicentre caregiving team. These trainings are led by Tobi Nishikawa, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Pastor Debbie, a Nurse Specialist in Cancer Nursing and Pastor. The content is based on the Stephen’s Ministry course and will equip you to be on the caregiving team for our church.
Commitment: We ask participants to commit to 6 months of involvement: three months of training every 2nd & 4th Thursday, 7-9 pm, followed by three months of caregiving along with debrief gatherings every 2nd & 4th Thursday 7-9 pm.