Dear Epicentre Family,

Easter Sunday was the 5th Home Church Live Sunday for us!  The number “5” is often noted to symbolize grace or new life. How appropriate that this year’s Easter Sunday would land on the 5th week of our new normal as a church. In John 20:19ff, Jesus walks through a locked door into a room where the disciples are hiding in fear and tells them that He’s sending them out to share the peace He’s given to them. In a similar way today, we are “locked” inside our homes with the safer-at-home order.  We might not be fearful like the disciples were but many of us may have experienced frustrations, stress, anxiety, and even depression these last few weeks but we can be sure that Jesus is able and wants to meet us where we are and give us what we need, and also show us who He wants us to be for those outside of our homes.  So even as we attend to and work through the feelings and thoughts in our own hearts, let’s receive Jesus’ assurance to us and not forget He has sent us to share our hope with others during this time.

We have a few highlights we want to share with you this week:
  • Easter Follow-Up - Pastor Josh powerfully encouraged us in his Easter message about the new reality Jesus has invited us all to walk into. During a time when many are processing a new physical reality we are in and possibly asking deeper life questions, we want to be the voice that calls them into a new spiritual reality Jesus is offering them. In the next few weeks, we want to encourage you to share your story with friends and family of how Jesus has transformed your life and given you a new reality. You might share your stories on social media or you might text/mail/email a note to someone, whatever form of communication works best for you. If you are posting on social media, please use the hashtag #outofthegrave. 
  • Acts Community - It is extraordinary to read about the way the early believers cared for one another in Acts 2 & 4, which resulted in the reality that “there were no needy persons among them.” (Acts 4:34)  We are hearing increasing numbers of people filing for unemployment and many families’ incomes have been greatly affected. With the government starting to send stimulus checks out, we want to encourage all of us to seek the Lord on what He wants us to do with this unexpected income and if there are people He would like us to help financially during this time, especially if your family is not in need.
  • Special Easter Offering: If the Lord leads you, we are still accepting donations to our special Easter offering through the end of the day, Sunday, April 19, which will benefit Huntington Hospital and Union Station Homeless Services, two organizations that serve the most vulnerable and those with urgent needs in the city of Pasadena during this pandemic season. You may give at, click on “Give a One-Time Donation”, then select “2020 Easter” as the designation.  Let’s imitate the early believers and be an Acts Community in this time of our history!
  • Serve Pasadena - We have been lining up various service opportunities in the city of Pasadena, but many opportunities have been paused for the next few weeks as local officials work to keep transmissions to a minimum during a critical time. Stay in the loop at
  • Care for Our Souls - We are entering our 2nd month of safer-at-home. Though talks have started on how to wisely re-open the economy in the Western states, we know the toll of the pandemic continues for many of us on an emotional, mental and relational level. We want to encourage all of us to keep checking in with each other.  If you are struggling, there is no shame in reaching out to your community, whether it's a lifegroup or home church. If you would like someone to pray for you or would like to send us a prayer request, you can do so HERE. Below are some resources that might be of help to you:

In closing, as we have now settled in more, to minimize emails going to your inbox, we will start sending updates only as needed. We encourage you to stay updated and connected on what’s happening in our Epicentre family through our website or social media.  

Thank you again for being a great church family at this time, and thank you for your support to our staff.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Pastors Janet and Fiona
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