This storytelling tool helps cover the key points of what it means to follow Jesus. 

A few Tips before you start

  • It takes time to learn the 3 Circles, so just keep practicing and adjust it to make it your own. #practicemakesprogress You can practice using this "cheat sheet" with the steps: 3 Circles PDF Handout
  • Partner with the Holy Spirit and speak from your heart. 
  • Ask God to give you opportunities to share the good news of knowing Jesus! 
  • If someone says yes to follow Jesus, exchange contact info and set a time to meet again. Invite them to download a Bible app or buy a Bible and go here to learn more: New to knowing Jesus? 6 Ways to Grow your Faith

Watch the 3 Circles video

Check out the video below!

Key points

1. Brokenness: When we look around, we see the brokenness of our world. See so much pain, hurt and death.
2. God’s Love: It wasn’t always this way. God originally designed the world to full of his love and everything was good. God had a perfect relationship with humans.
3. Sin: But the 1st humans ran away from God -> sin & brokenness. Escape: making $, hope in relationships, addiction. There was a time in my life when...and I felt far from God. All  things we try eventually spring us right back to brokenness. Nothing we can do to fix ourselves.
4. Jesus: But God loves us so much, he didn’t want us to stay stuck in brokenness. He did for us what we can’t do for ourselves: He Sent his son, Jesus: Jesus came to our world, (down arrow) lived a sinless life, & showed us how to walk with God.
5. Jesus was killed on a cross & came back to life (up arrow) 3 days later to rescue us from our sin & brokenness.  
6. Turn & Trust: He said that when we turn from our sin, trust Jesus, and make him our leader and King, we will be forgiven. And then we’re reconnected to God and get to experience His deep love! When I started following Jesus, he gave me ... and He showed me I am...
7. Reconnected with God: When we know Jesus, we become new people! He gives us hope & purpose as we love Him & others with His love.

Invitation into next steps

Ask you share with someone else, ask them:
  • Where do you see yourself in this picture? (in brokenness, or experiencing God’s love and purpose?) Where do you want to be? 
  • Do you want to trust and follow Jesus? 
  • If they say they yes, you can respond: “When I started following Jesus, I asked God to forgive me from my sin and brokenness and told Him I want to trust him with my life. How about you repeat after me with a prayer to receive Jesus?”

Prayer to Receive Jesus 
Dear God, I need you to rescue me from my sin and brokenness. I believe you have a plan and purpose for my life. Thank you for sending Jesus to this earth to free me from my sin and brokenness. I turn to you and ask you to forgive me. I trust you as the Leader of my life. Fill me with your love and your Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!
Even if they don’t say yes at that moment, you can still see if they're interested to get to know God more like, reading the Bible and being in community with others who follow Jesus.