Acts of Mercy is the relief and response arm of Antioch Ministries International. Epicentre’s chapter of Acts of Mercy mobilizes the Church (us!) to meet needs by bringing a response in times of disaster or catastrophe.  WoRship, Readiness, and Response are the three hallmarks of the Acts of Mercy team, which positions ourselves to be crisis ministers locally, nationally, and internationally.  We believe that disaster opens opportunities of not just surviving but thriving, and sovereignly ushers in a harvest for those who are prepared and obedient.

Members of Epicentre Church responding to the 2010 Haiti earthquake:

One of our partners in Crisis Response is CRi (Crisis Response International).


American Red Cross | PrepareSoCal

Epicentre Acts of Mercy Crisis Response Ministry in Partnership with American Red Cross

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april 10 viewing of "Facing Darkness"

This is a Samaritan’s purse film, outstanding in quality, that chronicles the events of the Ebola crisis.  While the world turned a blind eye to putting boots on the ground, basically allowing two non-profit organizations to carry the load for the world in Liberia 2013.  At the risk of their own workers coming down with the fatal hemorrhagic disease, Samaritan’s Purse had decision after decision to make.  No back up.  Staff at risk and dying.  The glamour of being a responder quickly fading when staying in a 120 degree suit for four hours taking care of patient after patient (45 minutes is CDC time recommendation).  Even local systems collapse when local residents, uneducated in disease processes, felt aid workers were actually intentionally spreading Ebola and wiping out their villages.

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Check out the trailer below.

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