Who are we?

Radiant is a place to come grow in faith and community.  We pride ourselves in having a great time, but also taking time to focus on the Lord.  Students in 6th grade to 12th grade are always welcome to join us on Friday nights from 7:30-9 pm.


What to Expect on Friday NIghts?

When you arrive at 7:30 pm we get a game going, and play until about 8 pm.  We then switch gears to a time of worship, and a message.  We end around 9pm, and if parents say it is fine we normally get in a few rounds of dodge ball. 


What kind of games do we play?

Our group loves playing games, and we love to come up with new games all the time!  The game that seems to be the most popular is dodge ball.  The first week of every month is dodge ball week, and we play it during game time as well as after we are done.  We are always open to new suggestions of games.


Do We do anythings else outside of Fridays?

Yes we do!!!!  Every month Radiant tries to do at least one event outside of the Friday time.  Some months it is as simple a grabbing FroYo after service on Sunday mornings, or more intensive like retreats, visiting theme parks, and many other things.  We love hanging out as a community so please feel free to join us!  For more info on our other events please check out the Youth Events page.


Do we do anything on Sundays?

On Sundays we have a group of seats near the front of the sanctuary that all Youth Students are welcome to sit in!  At snack time we also hang out at the Youth Snack table under the big tree, and sometimes even kick around a soccer ball.  We also occasionally have group meeting times open to those who want to jump even deeper in their faith through discipleship after service.