Go impact and be impacted in return.

Go impact and be impacted in return.


Here at Epicentre Church, we call our short-term outreaches Impact Trips because we want to go and make impact in the world and be impacted by the experience in return. Impact Trips give you the opportunity to jump in and see what God is doing locally and around the world as a community.

Here's how to get involve:


Summer Short-Term Trip Opportunities

Each year, we have different short term teams sent out to nations to partner with long term teams from our Antioch Movement of Churches. Most of our trips are zone based (discipleship school, young adult, college, & youth) as well as some church wide opportunities. If you're interested, please talk to your zone pastors or keep posted with the Sunday Announcements during service for the latest news.

Please contact us at goschool@epicentrechurch.org if you’re interested in being a part of a short term team.