Under the guidance of local, state, and federal health professionals, we have been praying and compiling guidelines for groups to start meeting in-person again. Right now, we are focusing our guidelines for small groups such as lifegroups and Home Churches. We will update you further when Sunday Services begin in-person again. If you are sick, please stay at home!
Since we believe that church meets twice a week, once on Sundays and once during the week, we believe our lifegroups fall under "Service" guidelines. A "Service" requires regimented spiritual activity. Regiment spiritual activities can include prayer, Bible reading, ministering to people, etc. 

Regathering Guidelines


The meeting(s) will be held outdoors. At this time, there will be no indoor meetings.


Each person gathering is COVID-negative or symptom-free (fever of 100 F or above, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, chills, repeated shaking with chills, headache, muscle pain, or a new loss of taste or smell).


Each person will wear a face covering at all times during the meeting.

No Food

No food can be distributed or consumed during the meeting. People can drink water, but please bring your own water bottle from home.


Each person will stay at least 6 feet away from each other (8 feet if singing or talking loudly).


Each person signs a liability waiver prior to gathering. This waiver is effective for all meetings of the same nature. If a minor attends with a parent/guardian present, they do not need to sign a waiver. The parent/guardian assumes all risk.

Comfort Level

Every effort is made to creatively include those who do not feel comfortable to meet in-person. Our Zoom accounts will still remain for the duration of the COVID-19 season.

Waivers Links

Special considerations for specific populations

1. Frontline workers. Out of love and care for others, frontline workers will assess their own risk to others and communicate with those they intend to meet with. Low risk individuals (PPE compliant with little direct COVID interaction) can consider meeting in-person. Moderate risk individuals who have been PPE compliant can join being clustered in one designated area of the meeting, allowing others who are not as comfortable to remain at a larger distance from them. High risk individuals should recuse themselves.

2. Predisposing conditions. We encourage them to consult with their healthcare professional to determine whether they should meet in-person. Leaders should lead their groups to maintain a posture of sensitivity, and actively seek to understand and creatively meet the need for community among these individuals.

3. Families with small children. Parents who are able to control their children’s exposures or can remain in their family pod, and communicate this to all that are meeting, are free to meet in-person. An alternative is for the group to meet as a consented cohort and kids are allowed interaction with some sort of supervision.

4. Families with children who attend in-person school. We do not advise you to join an in-person for the time being. Guidance will be given at a later date as we understand the impact of attending in-person school better.