God wants to meet with us, heal us, and answer our prayers! Check out these resources for ways to get started. If you have any questions or stories of how God is meeting you through these, let us know here.
Walk this Way (Devotional) - Paul instructs believers to imitate his life and to live their lives in such a way that they bring glory to God. Here is a supplemental devotional we have created for this series through the book of Philippians.

Come & Meet Jesus (Devotional) - In the Gospel of John, Jesus makes a series of intriguing statements that reveal who He really is, which we are exploring in our "Come & Meet Jesus" series. Here is a supplemental devotional we have created with this series.

How to do Face Time with God - We believe God wants to speak to us personally and intimately (what we call “Face Time”). Here’s a simple guide for how to cultivate your daily time with Him. (Watch Video)

Hearing God's Voice - How do you hear God's voice? How do you discern God's voice? This resource addresses those questions and provides biblical clarity on hearing God's voice.

Breath Prayers - an easy way to engage with God through breath and meditation, especially in times of stress or when you don’t know what to do.

Lectio Divina Guide - a meditative style of “marinating” in God’s Word as we slow down and let the Holy Spirit lead and speak to us.

Immanuel Journaling - a style of journaling prayer helps us dialogue with God as we receive his empathy and help.

Daily Examen - a great daily evening ritual to reflect on the day and tune into God’s presence in your life!

Crafted Prayer - Feeling stuck about a particular situation or person you are praying for? Crafted prayer helps us shape an intentional prayer to ask God to move. (Watch Video)

Hearing God’s Voice - The Lord wants to speak to us! Here are some truths and helpful guidelines for listening to him.

Seeking A Pure Heart | Accountability Resource - God gives us victory over addictions/brokenness! Here’s some questions & steps of confession to use with a trusted friend to invite God’s healing into our lives. 

Thanksgiving, Worship, Intercession (TWI) - a style of prayer that makes space for the Holy Spirit to move and lead us in intercession.


Daily Examen: Tuning Into God's Voice & Leading (Watch Video)
Grow in awareness of how God is speaking to you and the work He is doing in you.
Daily Examen: Overcoming Fear or Anxiety (Watch Video)
Follow this guided video on how to bring our fear or anxiety to the Lord.

Daily Examen: Feeling Pressed or Squeezed (Watch Video)
Follow this guided video as we invite God into times of being “pressed” or “squeezed.”