Meditation Guides

The world is increasing chaotic, but in the middle of the chaos, Jesus is still calling us to enter into His presence, peace, and most of all, love. John Lo has written a few mediations guides, as well as video resources for you, your lifegroup, and family to use. Check back to see all our up-to-date resources. Feel free to adapt this for your lifegroup or Home Church!

Soil Care Guides

We've created these to help you get into God's word and hear His word for you for 2021. Take these and do them one at time and let His word begin to penetrate your heart. Download the PDF or make a copy of our Google Doc version.

Lectio Divina: Mark 4:1-20

Ignatian Meditation: Mark 4:1-20

Lectio Divina: John 15:1-11

Lectio Divina: Mark 4:26-29 

Video Guides

Written Guides