This week, Pastor John started a sermon series on family.  Our focus this Sunday was on the church as a family.  We live in a culture that emphasizes individuality and makes it increasingly difficult to have authentic, deep relationships.  However, Scriptures (and scientific research, to boot) emphasize the need for community and relationship.  The challenge, then, is to see the church as our family: a place to heal, to have long-term extended family, home base for our children, a place for singles to find & create family, and for older adults to invest. For lifegroup curriculum in this series, we’re looking at a series of passages from 1 John.  What does 1 John have to do with family?  Good question!  1 John is a letter written by the Apostle John to a group of early Christians (the family of believers) with concerns about them.  1 John particularly carries many themes about abiding in the Father and how that relationship informs our relationships with one another (i.e., how to be family).  As you do this DBS, look particularly for those instructions regarding our relationship to God and each other.