Delta Dental Instructions:

If an employee would like to use their coverage with an In-Network Dental professional without their dental card, they need to:

A. Give the Dental Professional their SSN#, DOB, or Delta ID# (obtained through policy verification explained below)

B. Explain that their dental cards have not arrived yet
C. State that their coverage is through Delta Dental of 

Georgia and give them this number to call for verification: 800-521-2651

In order to verify coverage with Delta Dental all the Employee must do is:
A. Contact this number: 800-521-2651
B. When prompted select customer service
C. Explain to the Delta Rep that they need their Delta ID#
D. Follow instructions from Delta Rep

Any benefits related questions should be sent directly to our new Benefits Account Manager, Kimberly Loe. If you are having difficulties reaching Kimberly, feel free to contact our Benefits Consultant, Ryan Lucht.