Harvey relief

The Antioch Houston church and leaders are doing an incredible job taking care of their own and loving their neighbors and have started with clean-up as they begin the restoration process.

As a movement, we all want to rally around them as they lead out. OUR CHURCH WILL BE SENDING A TEAM TO HELP IN HARVEY RELIEF EFFORTS. This is a call to action for our entire church family whether it be going, praying, or giving.

There are several ways you can help with those affected by Hurricane Harvey:


1. For the rain to stop and stay away so the waters can recede and the restoration can begin

2. For no more loss of life and for everyone to be rescued

3. For full provision for all of our friends, family and Antioch Houston

4. For those helping to be great witnesses of Jesus’ love to their neighbors

5. For a revival to come on the heels of the devastation and for full restoration to happen physically and spiritually

6. For peace and restoration

7.  For God to supernaturally heal hearts and prevent further damage


If you would like to give, please click the link below and select Disaster Relief. Your gift will go towards plane tickets for those serving, supplies, and direct assistance on the ground.

If you would like to donate frequent flyer miles, contact Carol at


We want to send teams of 15 people each to Houston to aid Antioch Houston in their relief efforts. If you are interested and able bodied, click the button below for information and to indicate your interest. Food & shelter will be provided.Teams will be formed based on people’s availability.