The Process & Tips

Interested in doing a Sunday morning fundraiser? If you are an officially Epicentre-sponsored ministry or team, Here’s some tips to make it a success & some FAQs.

Here’s the process:

  1. Have your team leader submit a fundraiser request as soon as possible (at least SIX weeks out from your trip launch date and TWO weeks before the date of the fundraiser).

  2. Once approved, you are free to start planning. We provide you ONE 8ft x 2.5ft Table with a tablecloth. It is up to you to create your own signage and other items needed.

Helpful Tips

  • Think of unique items to sell that will not take long to make/get, and that you can sell for a good profit. And, brainstorms friends and family who can make, bake, or pick up items for you.

    Want some fresh ideas? Check out these links:

  • Assign team members to stand at your table and make sure everyone has a clear role before the event.

  • Make a large sign that lists what you’re fundraising for and the items you’re selling (some teams choose to not put a donation suggestion, which sometimes means people are more generous than if you list a set price).

  • Bring plenty of paper goods (ie: plates, napkins, cups, or whatever other materials you may need).

  • Bring your own cash in smaller bills (about $25 cash in $1s & $5s) to give out change. If you do decide to do this, note how much you put in so you can take that amount back out at the end before your count the funds.

Note: if you want to collect money using a credit card reader, you will need to use your own, such as Square readers.

What will Epicentre provide for my fundraiser?

  • We provide you ONE 8ft x 2.5ft Table with a tablecloth. It is up to you to create your own signage and other items needed.

  • We will provide you a donation collection container, which we will give you the day of.

  • You may borrow a large sign stand (22x28 inches), which you can tape your sign to. Please email if you would like to borrow this.

  • We’ll give you cash bags to put the funds in at the end of your fundraiser.

Why can’t we have more than one table?

We want our place of worship to avoid having a marketplace feel, so we have decided to limit it to one table of goods.

How do we promote our fundraiser?

We will give you a brief shout-out the day of your fundraiser from the stage, but it is up to you to promote it on social media. We recommend that you let others know so that they come with cash or checks. You can also post on our EPIC facebook group to spread the word.