SUNDay SERvice

1) Q: Where are Sunday Services held?

A: Marshall Fundamental School (990 N. Allen Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104)

2) Q: What time are services?

A: We are so excited to offer two service times! 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM. Our hope is that you (and your family) choose one service as your main service, then serve, get equipped, pray in Intercession Service, or go to various events and meetings during the other service.

3) Q: Where on campus will services be held?

A: Worship Services will take place in the new Marshall gym. If you are looking for our Chinese Service, those are held in the dance studio.

4) Q: Where is parking?

A: We have a limited amount of parking on campus, so we suggest you get here early.

  • Our South Lot (enter on Allen Ave) is specifically reserved for families with children and first-time guests

  • Our North Lot (enter on Casa Grande St) is open to anyone

  • If you are planning on attending the Chinese Service, we have a specific parking area for you next to the dance studio.

5) Q: What do services look like?

A: Our services will continue to combine worship, prayer, and a sermon that brings us into a deeper encounter with Jesus, with time and space to respond to Him.

6) Q: Can I bring drinks and food into Marshall?

A: We want to do our best to honor Marshall and the space they have given us, so we request that you only bring in water (in a covered container) and leave all other beverages and food outside. Water refills will be available by using the drinking fountains on campus.

7) Q: Will there still be donut holes?

A: Of course! We love the donut holes just as much as you do, so be sure to grab some on your way out!

8) Q: Will there still be children’s programs?

A: Yes! Our Kingdom Kids team is excited to disciple and teach your kids during both service times. If you find yourself staying for both service times, your kid can stay in Kingdom Kids for both service times.

9) Q: Will there still be an Intercession Service?

A: Yes! We will now have two time slots for Intercession, during each of the worship services. It will be held in Room B in Building 2. Details of each service are:

For 9:00 AM Intercession:  You will join worship in the main service and exit the same time when Kingdom Kids are released. After, intercessors will meet in Room B and pray together.

For 11:00 AM Intercession: You will NOT join worship in the main service in gym. You will have your own worship time with the team, so go directly to Room B.

10) Q: Are we reaching out to our neighbors?

A: Yes! Our prayer team has already been prayer walking the streets that surround Marshall, and we’ve given each house a card and a small gift introducing ourselves. It is our hope that as the weeks and months go by that our neighbors will experience the sweet aroma of Jesus through us, and we want to partner with Holy Spirit to invite them into our family. In the meantime, let’s be honoring of them by parking in a way that blesses them.


1) Q: How will release to Kingdom Kids be done?

A: Kids will still join worship service with parents at the beginning of each service. Kids will be released to their classes about 30 minutes into each service as it was when we were in Mott. 

  • Parents of Infants and Explorers: take your kids straight to their classroom (see map below), exiting the gym from the NW corner, and using the ramp (not stairs).

  • Toddlers and up: kids will line up at the back of the gym where their teachers will have signs (similar to our Mott rainy day protocol). Teachers will then take kids to their classrooms.

2) Q: How do I pick up my kids from Kingdom Kids?

A: Parents may exit the gym from the NW corner and use the ramp when picking up kids in the Infants, Explorers, TK-Kinder and 1st and 2nd grade classes (on the back side of the gym). For all other classes, proceed to building 2 classrooms.

3) Q: How does Kingdom Kids work if I am going to a service and serving or doing something else in another service?

A: Here is how things will work for the moment. We will refine this as the weeks go so stay tuned to your email for changes.

  • At this juncture, Kingdom Kids starts at 9:30 am. You’ll need to make arrangements for your child(ren) for the first 30 minutes if you’re not worshipping in the 9:00 am service. 

  • Check-in your child(ren) when you arrive for 9:00 service and follow the above process for release to Kingdom Kids. 

  • During the 10:30 to 11:00 interlude between services your child(ren) will be supervised by their teacher until and hand-off to the next teacher for the 11:00 service. 

  • At this time, please check-in your child(ren) again. They do not need to be present for check-in. 

  • Their teacher will bring them back into the gym for worship during the first 30 minutes and bring them back to class after worshipping. 

  • You will follow the above process to pick up your child(ren).


1) Q: Where is the church office?

A: 425 Sierra Madre Villa Ave. Pasadena, CA 91107

2) Q: Is your office phone number the same?

A: Yes! You can continue to call us (626) 585-1595.