Easter at Epicentre

Every year at Easter we have something special to help people who don't usually come to church encounter Jesus. In churches across America, Easter Sunday is the most attended service of the year. It's a cultural event that makes people more open to coming to church. We usually have about a 50-70% attendance increase at Epicentre! 

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The openness at Easter time is a sign that many people are searching for a significant connection with God. But, the fact that they only come once a year is a sign that there are still barriers to them following Jesus! 

To address this we present an Easter message that is accessible and compelling for our guests, and we create a community atmosphere where they can connect with people. We believe that people will encounter Jesus through worship, teaching and relationships with believers.

God has placed us in jobs, schools, and neighborhoods with people who are in darkness. Let's ask Jesus for specific people that He wants us to minister to, and how He wants us to do it. Let's pray for them daily and look for opportunities to extend Jesus' love to them. The Easter service is a great way to engage them with the message that Jesus is the Light!

Picnic & Egg Hunt

Every year after the service we have a giant picnic on the lawn. Food is $7 for adults, $4 for children. Bring your picnic blankets! At 12:15 we roll out our epic Easter egg hunt! We have three hunts for three different age groups (up to grade 5 only). Kid's love it!

Easter Schedule

Friday, March 30th

  • 6:30-7:30 Good Friday Service (Mott Auditorium)

Sunday, April 1st

  • 9:30 Coffee, donuts, fellowship and kids check-in

  • 10:00 Worship Service

  • 11:30 Picnic

  • 12:15 Egg Hunts

Radiant Youth Retreat Report

Youth Pastor Ben Hui

Youth Pastor Ben Hui

The Holy Spirit broke through in powerful ways on so many different levels during our retreat! It was beyond what we could have hoped for and imagined. There was crazy freedom during worship marked by dancing, cheering, shouting, crying. Youth were encountering God’s presence. There were many tears, some felt the physical presence of God, and some even received visions from Jesus.

Our speaker Chris Rattay spoke on letting Jesus heal our fears and brokenness so we can address the fears and brokenness of the world. During our small groups many shared vulnerably about insecurities and confessed sins. Youth responded to the altar calls after the messages: to lay down their fears and pains, to surrender the idolization of what others thought of them, to rededicate their lives to Jesus, and to commit to share His message on their campuses.

There were 13 students who decided to follow Jesus for the first time, 5 accounts of physical healing, 7 who expressed the desire to get baptized, as well as students testifying about new life and hope from depression, loneliness, drug abuse, bulimia, self-hate and suicide. One student struggling with drugs and an eating disorder felt God’s power break through pain in her body when she cried out to God. Another who was struggling with rejection and recently hospitalized from an attempted suicide said she has now found a home in the youth group. Another student who accepted Jesus at the retreat saw a vision of God’s hand reaching out to her, giving her peace from her fear of facing her Buddhist family at home. In he midst of all this, wonderful friendships formed!

Since the retreat, students are already telling their friends about the retreat and forming accountability groups on their own and in their schools. We are blown away by the goodness and love of God for these students and we believe that this is just the beginning.

Youth Retreat