Strengthening Your Core
For 2018, we believe that God has said “Strengthen Your Core”. I started the year off with sermons to help us to do that individually, and as families. You can listen to them here

We also believe this a word for us as a church. As it's true for our physical bodies, it's also true for the body of Christ. Building a strong core is crucial to performing well and it protects us from injury. It’s also crucial for our children!

As a result, we’re making some shifts as a church to help us strengthen our core. First, we believe that the core of the church is the health and strength of our lifegroups and discipling relationships. We’re going through a process as a staff team to strengthen our culture of honor and authenticity, as well as focusing on how we can develop our people better. We’re also going through a process of trying to better discern what’s core and what’s peripheral, so our energy and attention is best spent on things which help us really grow well. 

I want to encourage you, in light of our theme, to do the same for yourself and your family. How is your personal core with God? How are your key relationships? Are you using your time well and encouraging your kids to do the same?

Let’s do this together!


To Strengthen Our Core, We've Reorganized
Since September of 2012 Paul Graf has been our Executive Pastor, overseeing operations and most ministries. Janet Chen started in September of 2012 overseeing our training schools and our international department. As the church has grown we've added staff and programs. Since they started, Epicentre's average Sunday attendance has grown from 288 to 672. Our staff, including part-timers and interns, has gone from 12 to 26! Learn more about our staff here.

To keep up with our growth we have done some restructuring so we can remain focused on our core values. At the beginning of 2017 we elevated Janet to overseeing the different ministry departments: Worship, Intercession, Local Outreach, International Ministry, and Training Schools. This allowed Paul to focus more on our zone pastors: Kingdom Kids, Youth, College, Young Adults, and Families & Adults, while still overseeing the administrative functions of the church. This year we are completing the transition by also shifting the Operations Team over to Janet. Last year, the addition of Joanna Schiestl as our Operations Manager has helped us grow our administrative capabilities. Joanna is now supervised by Janet. This will allow Paul to more fully focus on lifegroups and discipleship - our core! 

To help clarify all this, we've given them new titles! 


2017 Finances Final Update
Our finances ended 2017 very positively. We received $471,000 in incomes, a little more than three times our monthly average. We were facing a bigger than normal deficit at the beginning of December, so we were thankful for so many people giving generously. In round terms, we had $143,000 in special year-end offerings from within Epicentre, and $245,000 in regular tithes and offerings. Additionally, because of our deficit, we let our needs be known to friends and previous donors who don't regularly attend Epicentre. They responded generously with $83,000 in special offerings.

With all this generosity, we were able to balance our books for 2017 and end with a small surplus which we will add to our operating reserve. Thanks again to all who gave.

Pastor John