"I grew up in the church singing songs like "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so..." Yet, I experienced God as a distant supervisor - I didn't know the particular and constant love that Jesus had for me. I felt the pressure to perform, achieve, and “be perfect” for God. I remember seasons of middle school and high school - sometimes lasting weeks and months, scribbling across pages of my journal, "God, do you not see me?? Do you not hear me?? Are you there??” I felt like I never made the mark - anxiety, disappointment, and fear bolted my school years growing up.

Jesus’ words “I will be with you always” brought life to my weary and lonely heart. Leaning into the grace and presence of Jesus has given me persevering joy, confidence, and hope for myself and this broken world. 

Now my dream is to see Muslim communities throughout Los Angeles and the world be transformed through knowing Jesus. God promises that those who look for Him will find him if they keep searching with all of their hearts. I’m most passionate about people falling in love with Jesus and meeting their Creator in the fullness of who God is.