Thank you all for your prayers!

It's hard for me to believe what I've been through in the last week: nearly 8 hours on the table with two huge heart procedures and then flying home to a huge Easter celebration. 

By the grace of God (and your prayers), things have gone really well:

  • Doctor Holmes was quite pleased with the work they did at Mayo Clinic;
  • The flights back home on Saturday were nice and smooth;
  • Easter was amazing! We had nearly 900 people join us for an amazing presentation of the Gospel, with great music, a gripping drama and an amazing testimony. Seeing the number of guests who came and were blessed was truly amazing. People came to Christ, many who'd never been in a church before came away saying they wanted to come back and others were healed!
  • I am really thankful for our staff and volunteers! I basically walked into the biggest worship service in our history after having been gone for the prior week and ... BAM! Everything was great! It was really gratifying to see things come together the way they did.

As I mentioned, the Mayo doctors were really pleased with the work they did on my fistulas. However, the real issue is the arrhythmia. And on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I was out of rhythm quite a bit. Our (Evelyn and my) thought is that we have to continue to press into the Lord for His healing, and give my heart time to adjust to not having fistulas, with the result being that the arrhythmia disappears ... It has been a little up and down this week, but today's been good :-).

The other thing is that I'm just giving myself lots of time to rest. I've been pretty tired (and it's pretty understandable why ... ) So I'm going to take more time to rest this week, let my body, soul and spirit re-set. 

I'm really grateful for the outpouring of love and prayers on my behalf. Both Evelyn and I are really touched. Our spirits feel buoyed by you, and we're grateful that you're on our team. 

We'll continue to update you as to how I'm doing physically, and what we're sensing spiritually for this coming season.