Thank you for praying today!  John’s procedure took about 3 hours like last one.  Everything went well.  There was one specific opening where all the fistulas drained into, and that’s where Dr. Holmes worked on.  He put in 12 coils and felt confident this opening is now completely occluded.  He believes taking care of this one opening means John will have no more issue with fistulas in the future!!  Dr. Holmes is very pleased with the result.  

 Now please pray for John’s recovery.  He is staying at the hospital tonight and will be discharged in the morning.  He will rest in the hotel for another day before flying home Saturday morning. Please pray that:

  1.  John will get some good, long rest - his sleep wasn’t that great the day after the first procedure;
  2. Recovery will be complete and he will regain his strength quickly;
  3. He will feel the deep love and presence of the Lord with him.

 Let’s stand on the confidence of the Lord’s goodness and the promise that John is completely healed.  Thank you, Father!