When terrible things happen in other places of the world, we can easily feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. We pray. We want to give. And do something practical. 

As a church family, we also understand that God can harness the prayers and practical help of His people to bring long-term change and help to places and people He loves. As a global church, and as part of the Antioch family, we felt the call to respond. Tomorrow, my wife Evelyn will be flying to Kathmandu as part of a first response team sent from Acts of Mercy, Antioch’s Global NGO. 

The team will be working with Antioch’s long-term church-planting team in Nepal, alongside cultivated national partners, to provide first response help, pray for the land, and lay the groundwork for church planting movements in the land. We are specifically asking that God help us to find the right ways and places to serve people’s practical needs now in ways that allow the gospel to spread and churches to be planted in the long-run

As you might imagine, we’re still trying to nail down the specifics of what this is going to entail, but there are two practical things you can do now:

PRAY - we’re going to be sending out regular prayer for the team. Informed, targeted and consistent prayer is essential for the logistics and effectiveness of this team, as well as its long-term impact! 

GIVE - we will be working with our church planting team and partners as to how to most effectively give short-term practical aid as well as develop long-term strategies for rebuilding the country. 


~ John Lo