We are really thankful for a successful Easter Event. We've been hearing testimonies of lives that were touched through different aspects of the service. Thanks to

  • Lifegroup Leaders who coordinated teams to accomplish a lot of the work
  • The college students who worked shifts before and after the service to put on the egg hunt, sell pizza, and run the bouncy houses
  • The Family Ministry team that did the food for the egg hunt and the prizes for the raffle
  • Anna McGahon, who wrote directed, and performed in the dramas, as well as the whole drama team
  • Our normal super-servants on Worship team and Kingdom Kids ministry
  • Josh Lo, who coordinated the food trucks
  • And especially Suzy Weeks, who coordinated everything

You may be wondering, just how many people showed up, and how that compares with prior years.

  • Total Attendance 884 - 743 Adults, 141 Kids, a 44% increase from last year (884 vs. 616).
  • We have more people in the congregation now, but not 44% more, so our ratio of guests was also much higher  (47% guests in 2015, vs. 35% guests in 2014)
  • Compared to our last year doing Easter Brunches*, we attracted more people (884 in 2015, vs. 632 in 2013), but our ratio of guests was actually smaller (47% guests in 2015, vs 53% guests in 2013).

Our conclusion from these numbers?

We were much more successful in inviting people to a large corporate event than we were last year, but not quite as successful as we were at inviting people to homes for Easter brunches. In the end we are not that concerned about the numbers, though we do watch them as one measure of our effectiveness in reaching others. This helps us to be sure we are stewarding our efforts and money well. What we are really concerned with is transformed lives! If you have a story of yourself or someone you know being touched by the service, use this contact form to give us your testimony. Encourage us and help us to encourage others by sharing what God is doing.

*For those of you who joined us after 2013, we used to not have Easter Sunday services. Each Lifegroup hosted an Easter brunch, complete with egg hunts, gospel presentations, and food! We switched in 2014 because we now have a much better location for an Easter event, and though we thought it might be harder to get people to a church rather than to people's homes, we felt that for the people who did come, we would be able to give them a much stronger presentation of the gospel. Also, on the whole it is a lot less work than everybody creating their own event!