At 19, I had a motorcycle accident. That’s when I met Jesus. I grew up as a pastor’s kid but didn’t have a relationship with God. The motorcycle accident was a pretty traumatic moment for me, and I got on my knees and said, “OK, God, I’m listening. Whatever you want from me, I’m yours.” That started the journey. 

I moved to LA twenty years ago for the film industry. The first ten years of my career I was single and figuring out how to work my way into the business. When you start out in the business, you don’t get a choice as to what type of film and TV projects that you work on, else you may never find work. A year into my marriage with Krista, after I’d produced two movies back to back that weren't very God honoring, my wife told me, “You lead Bible studies, we’re involved in church, but these movies are not the kind of films to show our family and friends.” This really began my journey to ask God, “How do you want me to use my gifts in Hollywood?” 

About 5 years ago, I realized that I had been in the business for 15 years and I knew a lot of people, but I still wasn’t producing content that was my own or that I believed God wanted to me to shepherd. I kept asking, "How God do you want to use me?" So I wrote a manifesto. I had a Jerry Maguire moment. I called the manifesto my "CHAZOWN” which is the Hebrew word for vision. That has led me to my most recent project, which is a film called “Same Kind of Different as Me.” This book really impacted me, and it’s the kind of story that as a storyteller I want to communicate. When I read the book 8 years ago, it completely changed my journey. It’s a story about helping the homeless and the poor. This book has cost us thousands of dollars, because it's hard to walk past a homeless person without doing something for them. In fact, One day I got home and Krista had given a lot of my clothes away to a homeless man. My hope is that this story that I’m so passionate about will have the same effect for the millions of viewers who will watch it. 

Because of Jesus in my life, I now make a lot of decisions to turn down paid work to stay focused on what God wants us to do. That’s the wonderful great challenge of being in this business. a while back, We went 18 months without cash flow because we decided not to compromise on the type of content for our mission. 

I’ve also seen myself change. Getting married and having kids you take on a lot of responsibility. So much of my struggle has been my lack of faith about my next job and paycheck. But also because of Jesus, I’ve been able to rest in the fact that God will take care of us. We’ve never missed a meal. He has a plan that’s bigger than what we can imagine. God has increased my faith to say no to certain jobs. 

The second biggest export for the United States is media and television. Tragically, most of what we export to the world is not great content. I’ve always tried to have an impact on the people that I’ve worked with, but now I’m trying to have an impact on the content that I’m producing. My dream is to have a production company that has true ownership in Hollywood, that puts out incredible content, more than just one movie a year. We want to impact the world through film and TV.