My dream for the entertainment industry is for God to encounter the storytellers of Los Angeles. My desire is to hear people tell prophetic stories, honest stories, and for people to ask questions about humanity and life through art and film. I would love to see a shift in the content of the films that are getting produced. 

The entertainment industry is so important because it informs how we live. Life imitates art and art imitates life. The industry has the power to tell you how to dress, how to speak, how to live your life, what to care about, what to pursue, and what to expect from love and family. 

I have a strong pull towards content that is truthful and that is not afraid to ask questions about God and life. Ultimately every screenwriter writes a screenplay with a question. "What happens if?” Unfortunately there’s a lot of good storytelling that has been sacrificed for finances. If we can restore the purity of storytelling back to truth-telling and honesty, rather than making a fortune, it would be so impactful. We need to tell stories that matter, because these stories encounter people. Film has a global voice to do this in our world. 

The Gospel is in all of our stories, because Christ is redemption. Christ is truth. Christ is in forgiveness. If we’re telling stories that are honest and good, that’s a reflection of who He is and his desire for humanity. 

Photo: Maritha Mae Photography

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