My name is Miguel. I’m 24. I have two sons, little Miguel and Jayden. 

Before meeting Jesus, I was pretty ignorant. I had a hard heart. I didn’t like being vulnerable. When things were going wrong for me, I would tend to find an excuse or people to blame. Now I take responsibility for what’s going on.

I met Enrique at school. He was outside of my class practicing his guitar and playing worship music. Once he finished practicing, he invited me to a Bible study every Tuesday and Thursday. I wasn’t too interested. I said no, but then I realized that I had nothing to lose. I checked it out, and I loved it! They invited me that same day to a retreat on Catalina Island. 

I took the risk and went to the retreat for one week. God really spoke to me in prayer. I realized a lot of problems in my life and a lot of pain that I hadn’t dealt with. I grew up in a pretty negative household. My mom used to go church, but her behavior at home wasn’t consistent with what she believed. I thought that as long as I was a good person, I would be OK. Coming to church and meeting Enrique taught me that I could be a different kind of Christian.  

For me, I want to make a difference at home. I want to make sure that my family life is healthy. I don’t want my kids to grow up the same way I did. I grew up with a lot of tension between my parents. It’s was always hard to forgive. Enrique has taught be that it’s better to have wisdom than be defensive. 

For those who don’t know God, I’d like to invite them and let them know that it’s real. When I started my journey, I didn’t have anything to believe in. I didn’t know if God was real or not. But I’d rather be following something than following nothing. With God, I know that I have a path and a future. When I used to go through hard times, I would try and distract myself with drinking and worldly things. God has satisfied me and changed my life around.