I was raised going to church. I knew all the Bible stories, but at the same time, I didn’t really know Jesus. In junior high, I stopped going to church and shortly after, my parents divorced. I fell into a bad crowd, and got into drugs, alcohol, and partying. During this time, my mom kept praying for me and God took care of me, despite the path I was going down. God sent different people in my life to bring healing and acceptance to the things that had happened early in my childhood. 

One day my friend invited me to go to church. Even though I was still heavily partying and doing drugs, I kept going to the college group which became Epicentre Church. In the college group I began to experience God as I sought to know more about Him. I experienced healing, God’s acceptance, and I felt God’s presence. I heard God say, “I’ve been with you your whole life, you’ve not been without Me. When you were crying and sad, I was there with you.” By God’s grace my friends and I quit doing drugs. All my friends stopped together. But I was still drinking four days a week. 

For the next few years, I was one foot in the church and one foot in the partying world. In 2010, I chose to do Epicentre's Discipleship School. I told God that I would go “all in” and give Him a year of my life to see what He could do. Even though I was attending graduate school and doing the D-School on the side, I barely missed a class. I began to connect with God on a personal level and hear Him for myself. 

About 5 years ago, Evelyn Lo went on a medical missions trip to Sri Lanka. Evelyn told me her testimony about being a doctor and helping those in natural disasters. Something stirred inside of me, and I knew that I wanted to pursue medicine. I started volunteering and got into PA school. My desire was always to be in the midst of chaos and crisis to help people. 

In the years since I’ve fully committed my life to following Jesus, I’ve discovered that what really makes me come alive is seeing broken people - the homeless and drug addicts - experience the love of the Father. There’s something about the Father’s heart that has changed my life, and I need to share it.  There’s something about bringing healing to someone’s heart that brings me to life. I love working in medicine because it brings healing to the body, but only Jesus can bring healing to the heart, setting people free to experience the love of the Father. 

Ruth and I recently moved into the northwest part of Pasadena. We felt God telling us to move into this neighborhood as He is in the midst of restoring it. There are dreams and hopes that are already planted in this community, and we were called to join in and partner with His work. There are children, single moms, a lot of brokenness, addiction, and gangs - and they all need the Father’s heart. The vision I have for my community is to see God’s children experience the Father’s heart and His healing.