Gus hails from our daughter church in Lincoln Heights, New Life Community Church/Comunidad Nueva Vida. 

"Before I knew Jesus my life was drugs, prison, alcohol, anger and pain. Growing up was difficult living with an angry alcoholic father. 

Jesus change my life in a way that I never thought possible. He took the anger and pain when no one else could, not even myself. Because of the love that Jesus showed me, I now turn to love others including those that I used to hate, those I believed to be my enemies. 

My dream is to help as many young men grow into mature men. I long to see in LA more men who aren’t afraid to change, who aren’t afraid to set their pride aside for something greater, and to draw strength from the love of Jesus. I dream for men to know this humility as strength, and not to believe the lies of this world of what a man needs to be like. 

Knowing Jesus has made me passionate about wanting to know more about Him and how to be like Him. Jesus has changed my life so much that I want everyone to know and I want everyone to have the same experience." //  I M P A C T 

Photo: Maritha Mae Photography