Jesus has changed my life by allowing me to see that there is something greater to live for. Through Christ, I've been able to see that though being a good person is challenging and yields great results, it is not holistically fulfilling. Christ and His followers have directed me to salvation and a way of living that is fulfilling. It's cool knowing that I don't have to do anything crazy for that fulfillment. Christ knows the one step at a time thing.

I am different because I see the importance of healing and not just good works. You can give someone money, food, shelter or status all day long but if they view themselves in a way that says that they are nothing then it’s not worth anything. People need to experience healing and see themselves as sons and daughters. God keeps stirring this in me. 

I long for people to know who they are. For people to believe and be rooted in who God says they are. African Americans are on my heart. God has put the dream in my heart to reveal self worth to those who have been told they are less.