I got saved when I was a junior in high school. I was a wannabe gangster but I really didn’t know who I was. One day I was arrested shoplifting with the wrong crowd of people. God really used that day to get a hold of my life. I realized that if I continued down that path, my life would be bad news. 

The week that I was arrested I went to a Christian youth group. I was feeling so ashamed of myself. I went home and prayed that night, “Lord, if you’re real, I will receive You right now. The path I’m going on there’s no hope. But I welcome you God in my life.” 

From that point on, everything changed. Somehow I had grace to say no to being in a gang. I was able to reject the gang lifestyle and found a community of Christians who loved me. As I began to give my life to God, I found out who I really was. For most of my life, I wasn't interested in academics. I didn’t think that I’d even pass high school. But I discovered that my talent to draw and produce art was something that He could use for the Kingdom, and so I decided to go to art school here in Pasadena. 

My life change when I began to understand the Father's heart and see the beauty of God. I’m passionate about people seeing the beauty of God through art. My dream is to use art to impact the nations and share the Gospel. I am called to co-create with God and I want to help others do the same. 

Artists are special people; we’re trend setters. What we draw becomes the future. We tend to be twenty years ahead of society. But the Enemy also loves to attack artists. You look at Hollywood and the amount of evil that is pouring out of the entertainment and creative industry. Why can't we have other models for beauty, art, and entertainment? 

I'd love to illustrate children's books.  I’m passionate about creating children’s books, even though I’m scared of kids. Kids are like sponges, and I want to impact them, especially in a world where they're so exposed to so much junk and sin. Stories use our imaginations to convey truth, and it's  a powerful tool. 

My name is Kin, and I think the meaning of my name is special. While I’m an only child, God has made me passionate about encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ and building 'kinship' in the church. My prayer for our community in Southern California is for the walls between races and classes fall down. There is so much segregation, even in the church. But I long to see unity in God's family. When you have unity, God commands a blessing (psalm 133). With unity of the believers, the Enemy is powerless. 

Photo: Maritha Mae Photography