Before I met Jesus my desires were pretty self-gratifying. In college I was on the path to become a rich, successful engineer. Because of Jesus, I now see that life’s purpose is about serving others and giving up your life for the sake of the Gospel. My path changed after college - it led me to move to Sudan and live with some of the poorest people in the world. And it also led me to open a bike shop here in Pasadena. 

My life because of Jesus is now focused on uplifting, empowering, and blessing others. It’s so much more others-focused than me-focused. There’s something about being transformed by Jesus that shifts the attention off yourself and onto others.  Jesus has since made me passionate about the poor and marginalized. I love seeing people that are typically overlooked by society be given a chance. I love to come alongside them and help them see their value and worth. 

Our bike shop is in Northwest Pasadena. There’s a fair amount of theft and gang violence in our streets and huge discrepancies in class and income. It feels like there are still aspects of segregation and racism in our neighborhood. In Pasadena people need to have an understanding of being loved by God -all equally - and that truth must define our relationship with each other. 

My dream is for our bike shop to be more than a bike shop. It’s an opportunity to interact with the local community on a very daily basis. We see people on all ends of the spectrum. We long for it to be an avenue where people can be blessed and receive blessing, whether it’s getting their primary mode of transportation working again, or receiving kind words when all they hear is the opposite. We also want to empower and train up people in practical skills and abilities related to bikes. My desire is to see heaven come in whatever I’m doing.