I accepted the Lord when I was 12. I went to a Bible study and the teacher was teaching about the crucifixion of Christ. I quickly realized I was a sinner and needed Christ. I was in a boarding school in India and at that time I really felt God become my Father. Since then I’ve been totally dependent on Him. It changed me. Nothing dramatic happened, but my connection with God has always been strong. I never looked back. I never had second thoughts about God. 

I have gone through a big trial recently - I had cancer - it was the biggest trial of my life. But I never denied or felt that God was not there. God is as true to me now as when I was 12 years old. He is true today. Every morning I recognize that I am a widow, and I have a son. There is a Bible verse that says, “He upholds the fatherless and the widow,” and so every morning I get up and tell God, “God, today You have to uphold me. Be the father of Samuel and be my God.” And God shows me everyday how He upholds me. 

At the age of 12, I knew I was going to become a preacher. I came from India, and I preached in India. The passion in my heart is to preach the Gospel door to door, to reach out to as many as I can. I always tell God, “God, I want to die serving You.” 

My dream is to see many house churches and life groups grow in Pasadena. My dream is also to see women my age being discipled and believing that they can disciple others. Jesus simply said, “Go.” He never said, “Bring.” So wherever I go, no matter where I live, I must preach the Gospel.


Photo: www.marithamae.com