"I’m passionate about our community getting to know Jesus.  I want Jesus to make a great impact here in Lincoln Heights. I’m also passionate about addressing domestic violence. It’s a subject that’s kind of taboo here - nobody talks about - but I think it’s something God wants to bring to the surface. It happens more than we think. We have an obligation as the church to reach out to women and men who are in relationships like that. 

I've always had a passion for women. God has always brought to me women with domestic violence issues. I always ask “God how do I handle this?” "How do I say to these women that Jesus was still with you when you were being abused?”  They believe that they are alone, but I know that Jesus is with them. When I cry with them, I feel their pain. 

I dream that one day we will have a place of refuge in Lincoln Heights for women where they can come and release their guilt and shame for things that have happened to them. A place to open up and be free. To know the Jesus that loves them, forgives them, and was their with them through these trials."

Photo: Maritha Mae Photography