April 12th - 9:30 - Easter Debrief. We want to give everyone a chance to give feedback from our Easter Event. To do this we want to start our staff meeting on Tuesday the 12th at 9:30. We will spend 1/2 hour for our normal connection time, and then an hour for feedback. We will process Sunday newcomers at 11:00. 11:30 for Sunday feedback.
May 5th - Last All Staff Friday meeting. We will take the summer off from these meetings
Summer Holidays - Our summer holidays all fall on Mondays. Instead of mandating that we all take the Friday before or Tuesday after off, we will grant everyone three additional vacation days. These will be added to your balance and you still need to go through the normal approval process with your supervisor.

  • May 30th - Memorial Day Weekend.
  • July 4th - Independence Day. 
  • Sept 5th - Labor Day Weekend. 

Sept 16th - Yes, we're way into the future here, but this is the date we have set to restart our Friday Staff meetings.