Conference Rhythm

Antioch International is changing its conference rhythm. This year we had 1,000 people at iCON, and in three years it will be too big to efficiently accomplish its objectives. AMI has come up with a new conference rhythm to meet our growing needs.

Epicentre will have staff retreats on the off iCON years, so be prepared for information about our 2016 retreat.


We have 6 candidates for the admin position to replace Josh Chen. We will start interviewing soon. Please keep praying for this!


John shared a few more highlights from the board meeting. Some of what he shared included recommendations from the board to

  • Work hard to develop a middle layer of lay leadership for discipleship and pastoral care of our LG leaders.
  • Expect that we will need a critical mass closer to 1,200 people to be able to sustain the church planting vision that God has given us.
  • Thinks strongly as we grow about going back to two services so that we can involve more volunteers and continue to feed the people who are serving most.